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Jim Hughes and StaffWe invite you to view our press kit for basic information about Restaurant 213's kitchen, awards and media recognition. Here you can see our basic information such as basic information, photographs and profile of Chef Jim Hughes.

Jim HughesBasic Information:
Fact Sheet, Biography, Awards and Media Recognition

Chef Jim Hughes (high resolution)
Chef Jim Hughes (medium resolutions)
Restaurant 213 Dining Room
Tuna Mango Tango Entree

From the garden to your table
From the Garden to your Table

Jim Hughes, owner and chef of Restaurant 213 in Fruitland, grows his own vegetables at his business. BRICE STUMP/

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Hours of Operation:
Tuesday - Sunday: 5PM to 10PM
Reservations: 410.677.4880


"Hughes puts a lot of extra thought into it and adds extra touches to make the dish unique. Hughes combines the freshest ingrediens - lobsters from Maine, scallops, shrimp, mussels and clams from the West Coast"

- Kim Mitchell
The Daily Times Staff Writer

"Whether Smoked Duck Taco, Crayfish Tamale, Zuni Corn and Carrot Chowder, Frog Legs Rio Grande or the Santa Fe Coffee Cup Dessert, the creations of Chef Hughes were not only wonderfully pleasing to the palate but equally enoyable to the eye. A new level of Southwest cuisine presentation, to which I previously had not been privy, was reached."

- Bill Stephens
San Antonio Express-News

"The menu was a real blockbuster, a real tour de force for Jim"

- Al Thanhauser
General Member of the James Beard Foundation

"A visit here is like a pilgrimage to a shrine of good taste-and good tastes... 213 is worth remembering-whether to celebrate a special occasion or, more likely, to make it one."

- Mary Lou Baker
Chesapeake Life

"It was definately one of the better events to have taken place at the foundation in quite some time"

- Al Thanhauser
General Member of the James Beard Foundation

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